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This Yin Yoga Teacher Training will enable you to create the “Yin space” -to dive deeper into that place of stillness and equanimity within yourself– so it can enrich and balance your “yang” lifestyle. The peaceful, compassionate allowing presence that heals all imbalances by just “being with it”.

You will learn how to allow yourself to feel your body and your emotions, to reopen shut down senses, and then to be able to let all the sensations and emotions  flow and go instead of diving into the story of it and holding onto them.

Yin Yoga has a deeply healing effect, by bringing our focus more inwards, with appropriate sequences you can rebalance the major imbalances in the body, the emotional blockages, the lack of energy and trust, fears can all be nurtured through a Yin Yoga practice.

Yin Yoga is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, and therefore intensively works with meridians, targeting our organs and balancing the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

During this training you will understand how Yin postures can be beneficial for you and how to teach them effectively to others. It’s a process of feeling deeply and re-patterning your system to its optimal potential.

Here you can find the Curriculum and schedule for the training: syllabus


This yin yoga immersion is available all year round, subject to availability. The training has a duration of 5 days (4 nights).


The course will be held at Vista Verde Guest House, a rustic Caribbean-style house in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. The house offers double rooms (which can be used as single rooms), twin rooms and triple rooms. All rooms have shared bathroom and shower and come with a fan and mosquito nets. All guests will have access to the communal kitchen, so that they can prepare their own meals. Breakfast is included.


$  750*
(*) taxes included


"Daniela is such a great teacher! Expect a strong, sweaty flow with a lot of focus on alignment – just how a yoga class should be . Definitely one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had while traveling in Costa Rica. I’m trying to advance my practice and in a short time Daniela really really helped me. Thank you so much!"
"Best yoga teacher I had while traveling Central America: I was able to learn so much from her during my lessons in Puerto Viejo!"
I "attended a yoga retreat in February 2018 at the Chandra Karuna Yoga Studio, and it was truly a life changing experience! Daniela is definitely the best yoga teacher I have come across, especially in the way she teaches her class. Daniela’s approach of Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga made it a very memorable class. I love the way she makes all students feel at ease no matter what level of experience they have. In the class, she also included sound healing and mindfulness meditation, which took the class to another level. To top it all off, the yoga studio is made of wood and beautifully placed outside the guesthouse (in nature), where you will actually hear true sounds of birds, crickets, etc etc. One morning during our yoga class, it started raining and it was just amazing, and I can’t truly explain it, except that it is something you would only see in a brilliant movie that made a perfect scene! I will definitely return to this amazing studio and recommend it to anyone. One more thing, stay at the guesthouse – you will not regret it; breakfast is amazing, and everyone makes you feel welcome and like family."

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Where to find us

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